On the Radar: Sebastian Mullaert – Samunnati

Sebastian Millaert’s involving Samunnati EP is released today, and The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall delights in the varying interpretations of a common theme.

sebastian mullaert techno

Sebastian Mullaert’s involving Samunnati EP is released today, and The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall delights in the varying interpretations of a common theme.

Samunnati is a brand new double vinyl EP on Default Position, featuring four original mixes from Mulleart, with remixes from fellow Swedish duo Knutsson/Berg, Belgium’s Daniel[i] and label founder Joseph S. Joyce.

Its genesis lies in a melody recorded live on Sebastian’s Roland SH101, which features as the intro to his Dance thru Shadowed Structures Mix. Sometime after this mix was published, a young artist named Daniel[i] was so captivated by the melody that he took it upon himself to sample it and create a twelve-minute remix without Sebastian’s prior consent! Mullaert was, however, very impressed with the remix and admired Dan’s bold initiative. The pair later decided to approach Default Position with an idea of turning it into a full EP.

Mullaert opens the EP with his Vocal Expression mix of Samunnati. A highly versatile and expansive endeavor that employs a thick bassline to deliver a payload of funk and groove. The track is layered with ethereal and, at times, psychedelic sounds that appear and evaporate like that of an apparition. As the track develops, the cacophony of psychedelia and alien samples reach a complex state of sound; the listener is kept guessing as each individual sound interacts with the next, ultimately bedazzling the eardrum.

The In That Distorted Light remix is littered with twinkling arpeggiated melodies that evoke an uplifting central theme. The original swirling piano rhythms can be recognised as they meander beneath the ensemble to create a fully realised anthem of cosmic proportions.

The Samunnati (Original Mix), which sets the blueprint for the entire concept of the EP, is the unmistakable signature sound of Mullaert. The composition beautifully evolves with an intricacy befitting a Jean Michel Jarre production, as numerous layers weave themselves seamlessly into patterns of alluring sensibility.

The Swedish producer’s final effort on the EP is the Wa Wu We Simplification mix, which breaks from type and positions itself as a grooving dub experience. Highly textured samples and sounds wash across the soundscape with a modest and refined approach. Echoey plucked strings billow and bend, whilst expansive pad sounds fill the track with an elaborate mood of contemplation.

The Knutsson/Berg remix focuses its attention on one single melody from the original track. The process of resampling has provided this interpretation with a nuanced and highly effective exploration of filter effects and signal processing. Each drum pattern, every note and all of the effects contribute to a modest yet intelligent understanding of Mullaert’s vision.

Label founder, Joseph S Joyce, takes on the 6th reworking of Samunnati and provides a moody and seductive interpretation. The choice to drop the melody by a semitone provokes a wonderful feeling of awe as the subtle modulations mutate into a cold and sprawling world of electronic sound.

Daniel[i], being the catalyst for the entire EP, ties each track together with a 12 minute meditation on the Samunnati. It roves and ranges with a confidence of a highly experienced and thoughtful producer. There is no surprise that Sebastian Mullaert was impressed by this unsanctioned remix, as it evidences a careful and profoundly atmospheric approach to electronic music.

Sebastian Mullaert, Samunnati, is available now in vinyl format, and on digital release from October 2nd. You can buy/pre-order the EP here.

mullaert techno

Author: Jack Threlfall

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