On the Radar: The Willers Brothers – Space Age EP

willers brothers techno

Mancunian Berliners, The Willers Brothers, recently released their minimal house EP, Space Age, on their new imprint. The Waveform Transmitter’s Paul McGuinness takes a listen.

Manchester-born, now Berlin-based producers, DJ’s and siblings, The Willers Brothers have been steadily on the rise in the realms of stripped-back, underground house over the past few years, racking up releases for Beste Modus, No Fit State and EWax whilst holding down a residency at London’s The Egg and playing at venues such as Watergate, Tresor and [ipse] in Berlin amongst many more.

Here we see the duo launch their much anticipated we_r_house imprint alongside Cinthie with its inaugural EP.

The opener Latest Record is a busy little tech house romp, that’s swung with a percussive edge and swag. Completed by its metallic stabs and synths, making for a very dubbed out and pumping dance floor affair.

Give Me A Minute Now goes for more of a stripped back feel and rides on its own groove underneath a swelling sub-bass and vocal murmurings that should keep the house heads more than happy.

Space Aged does exactly what is says on the tin (I’m full of these clichés, by the way) bringing with it an infectious minimal groove, modulating and pulsing along. This bubbles nicely over the top of lush pads and strings, before sliding nicely to a close, very reminiscent of the infamous Plink Plonk Records that was bought to us by Mr C many moons ago.

Last up is Listen and when you do, you hear lovely textures and watery deep atmospherics moulded over a constantly evolving groove. Washed out strings and stabs are filtered perfectly in and out of the mix. This one reminds me of one of my favourite EPs from Two Lone Swordsmen  Skimming Not Swimming – on the timeless Audio Emissions Output.

The Willers Brothers‘ Space Age EP is available now from all good digital music retailers.


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