Secret Weapons Vol.3 – True Rotary Records

Straight off the back of their Tabor Sessions EP, True Rotary Recordings’ Joel Alter and Ena Cosovic step up to the plate to launch their Secret Weapons at unsuspecting ears. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight presents.

Secret Weapons Techno

Straight off the back of their Tabor Sessions EP, True Rotary Recordings’ Joel Alter and Ena Cosovic step up to the plate to launch their Secret Weapons at unsuspecting ears. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight presents.

Our latest edition of Secret Weapons comes from Copenhagen’s True Rotary Recordings. More precisely, from the two head honchos over at the Danish imprint, Joel Alter and Ena Cosovic.

As labels go, True Rotary is one very much in its infancy. Their first release came in 2016, in the form of Jor-El‘s Seven Years Adrift EP (Jor-El being an alias of Joel‘s). The EP set the bar high for the label’s successive releases and exposed us to the rawer side of Joel‘s sound. The Swedish house and techno maestro set the stall for the label and that is one that has been followed consistently since.

Ena is also no stranger to the music scene. Aside from starting True Rotary with JoelEna puts her sonic talents to a diverse variety of uses, including vocals, provision of instrumentals, and production. She is also an accomplished DJ; one only needs to take a listen to her SoundCloud profile to see this.

The most recent release from the True Rotary stable came from QNA, a collaborative project that saw Joel joining forces with Switzerland’s Quarion for their Tabor Session EP. The three track work sees all manner of techno covered, from the synth heavy title track which plays up to the genre’s modern sound, through to the funk-infused tribal techno of Sansui Cruise, via the wistful production of aptly titled Memory Lane. We recommend that you grab yourself a copy of the record immediately.

true rotary recordings techno

Anyway, we digress. We would like to present to you our latest Secret Weapons playlist which, as we said, comes to you from the two in charge at True Rotary. The playlist features enough artillery to sink an entire armada, so power up the shields, your ears are about to take a battering.

Joel Alter

Farley Jackmaster FunkThe Acid Life

One of my all-time favourite tracks. I found this record ages ago while digging and this track stands out with its heavy bassline and minimalist drums. It’s not an acid track in a sense, rather a delicate use of the TB-303 to make one of the fattest basslines to this day. And the title of the record says it all – No Vocals Necessary…

PSYKLowdown (Reprise)

This track is wild, dubbed out, groovy and oozes energy. A timeless techno track. There is no way you could tell what year it’s been produced by merely listening to it.

Kirill MaminCutting

The mood of this track is just me straight up. I love this murky melancholic soundscape and the melody that sweeps in. I always get the shivers when mixing this one. The beats are badass too.

Jeff MillsCasa

I bought this record way back when I was a drum & bass DJ and just recently rediscovered it. To me this just builds a bridge between techno and house. It could have been Prince if he made techno. If you can resist this groove, there must be something wrong, not with the record.

Keri ChandlerA Demo by 6:23

Another forgotten gem from one of the true masters. This record was a gift from one of my best friends and one of Sweden’s best-kept secrets, DJ Dimitrios K. When it first came out he bought two copies and I’m grateful for that. It’s an eerie piece of deep techno with this bassline that just keeps on going. For the real headz.

Ena Cosovic

D-SawTrack 10:30

I have always been a sucker for trancey sounds and trippy melodies, and this 1996 release by D-Saw incorporates all the right elements for me. I almost never play a set without this kind of emotion, and most of the time it’s this track I use to bring it out.

Aubrey6 Pole

A bouncy, slightly frantic track by Aubrey. I like the stressfulness of it. It makes people a little bit crazy.

ArmandoPleasure Dome

I’m a huge Armando fan, and especially this track resonated so much with me when I first heard it. A highly sensual jacking ghetto vibe. Try and stand still.

Ryan James FordSalmo

I play a lot of Ryan‘s records, but his freshest cut is currently my favourite. Dark, bouncy, melodic and hard-hitting groove, which takes the listener and the dancer on just the right journey. It’s also a little bit sad, and I like sad music the most.

ItaloJohnson07A1 (Jimmy Edgar Remix)

My absolute favourite record of this year, and I’ve played it almost every time I’ve DJ’ed since I bought it. Analog groover, all the way. It’s super simplistic and at the same time complex. And I believe this will forever be my favourite bassline.

Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for the next edition of our awesome Secret Weapons series. You can check out previous installments of the series by clicking the link at the top of each page.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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