Secret Weapons Vol.4 – Hans Berg

The fourth edition of our Secret Weapons sees Hans Berg submitting ten of his dance-floor devastators, on the back of his latest release, Pathfinder. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight presents ten of the electronic producers most favoured cuts.

Secret Weapons Techno

The fourth edition of our Secret Weapons sees Hans Berg submitting ten of his dance-floor devastators, on the back of his latest release, Pathfinder. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight presents ten of the electronic producers most favoured cuts.

Hans Berg is one of those artists who seems to be a mainstay of the live electronic performance sphere within this scene we inhabit. He always plays live, never as a DJ, and even his recorded sessions for other publications take the form of a ‘live jam’, if you will.

It is this that sets him apart from his peers and he occupies a space that is consistently being eschewed by other artists in this realm for ‘safer’ DJ sets. Not for Hans, however, who is well known on the underground circuit for his exciting, energetic hardware sets.

We recently had the opportunity to listen to Berg‘s latest release, Pathfinder, which he released on September 8th via the label he runs alongside Johanna KnutssonUFO Station Recordings. The EP is an accomplished excursion into the dub-techno sound. Samples echo backwards and forwards throughout the title track, percussion ricocheting off synth stabs, which in turn balter around the soundscape, waywardly.

Opener, Phase Shift is similar in its dubby, minimalist structure, flowing liquid-like into the ears with a dream-like, ethereal quality. This ethereal motif is carried on by the closing track, Beacons, which features some of the most liltingly haunting pads this writer has heard in some time.

Hans Berg techno

The EP is reminiscent of the likes of Basic Channel or productions from Icelandic label, Thule. Perhaps it is this Scandinavian relationship that places Hans‘ tracks in this bracket – he is a Swedish producer so the link with his Northern dub-techno peers is there. One thing is for sure, Berg makes minimal dub-techno with soul. Perhaps this is a notion that completely goes against the concept of dub-techno altogether, but the sense of solitude that this specific style of techno invokes means that, while listening, a certain amount of soul-searching is likely to take place.

Inland offers a remix of the title track, that takes things up a notch, adding various elements to the track and removing, somewhat, the minimalist vibe. Textures are laid over the original elements of the track, which have been broken down to suit Davenport‘s style. The track’s dubby feel has not been lost, simply redirected by Inland‘s re-interpretation.

Hans Berg has kindly put together ten of his Secret Weapons. All producers and DJs should have ten tracks they can’t leave alone, whether that be privately or for performance, so have a listen to the war-machines that Hans rolls out, given the opportunity.

Bjørn SvinSøde

Old Scandinavian classic, this epic track influenced me a lot, with the weird, sort of random melody and bass, but still keeps a steady core.


This track was made by my friends back in Highschool, it’s super simple and still so suggestive. The French vocals are from Braveheart.

Cari LekebuschRunning Steady

I wish this track was longer. Such a nice flow in those dubby echoes.

Nobody HomeDrum Journey

This is one of the two halves from Minilogue, Marcus Henriksson as Nobody Home. Nothing happens in this track, in a good way.

Joey BeltramCurb (Dave Angel Remix)

I love the drum programming and the arrangement in this track. Full on!

Adam BeyerPatches (Electrofied)

Beautiful melodies and strings. The original is great too, if you slow it down a l-o-o-o-t.

Speedy JSymmetry

It’s a dance floor track without beats, love the energy in it. Melodies and pads are beautiful and lush.

Planetary Assault SystemsTwelve (Psyk Rework)

Yeah, raw, dirty drums, super simple and uncompromising, i go nuts wherever i hear this on a dance floor.

Nima KhakEnter Dream State

Such a beautiful track from my fellow Swede, makes my brain relax. I can listen to this all day.

Toffes VärldBortom

Let’s end the list with some fluffy bedtime techno. I’m a sucker for nice atmospheres. Bortom is Swedish and means ‘beyond’. Goodnight!

We will have more Secret Weapons coming up this week. Keep your eyes on the Waveform Transmitter for more exciting examples of sonic warfare.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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