Live Transmission: Answer Code Request and more, CULT, Manchester

Answer Code Request took to the CULT decks recently, destroying the Versions basement alongside Blasha & Allat and CULT residents. The Waveform Transmitter’s Niall Johnston was there to witness the magnitude of the Ostgut Ton DJ.

For lovers of underground house and techno music in Manchester, CULT nights are ones never to be missed. Consistently selecting non-conventional artists which push boundaries with their productions as well as providing one hell of a journey with their DJ sets.

Only a few weeks after their  R+S Records special (as MAYDAY, a joint venture with OSSIA), this time it was the turn of the revered Answer Code Request to take the reins for the CULT bonfire weekend party, at Versions x Joshua Brooks.

Answer Code Request is a well-known figure on the Berlin Techno scene, where he has held a residency at the place most closely associated with that place and music – Berghain– for 5 years.  It is on the clubs’ label – Ostgut Ton– that Answer Code Request has made several appearances, with records such as ‘Neume’ in 2016, his last unreleased music (which makes us hopeful for some new material very soon).

Gräser has also released music via Marcel Dettman Records – a friend and creative influence since their teenage days of hitting up techno parties in Berlin. Similarities to Dettman are not overwhelming but certainly can be heard, to the point that when Answer Code Request released his first EP in 2011, many thought it was a new project from old faces such as Dettman or Shed. It was only then that Patrick Gräser stepped into the limelight and started to unleash his unstoppable bass-driven, breakbeat techno sound.

His performance on the night confirmed that the hype around this artist is whole-heartedly deserved.  It had everything from firm basslines, off-kilter drum patterns, melodic rhythms and teasing build-ups. This was typified by Andres Zaccos’ Drum In, on Illian Tape, a label that has clearly had an influence on Gräsers’ sound.

On top of that – with it being bonfire night and all – he released a series of high powered rockets that nearly blew a hole in the ceiling of the Versions basement.  Although many of these rockets appeared to be unreleased material by the man himself, one which stood out from the night was the Dax J edit of Papua New Guinea by Future Sound of London, which took the crowd to the collectively highest point of the night.

The line-up was backed up admirably by two of Manchester’s’ deadliest duos of the moment – Blasha & Allatt, and CULT owners J.Derecho b2b Josh de Silva.  Although much of the crowd did not arrive until near the end of the CULT boys set, they set the tone for the night nicely, working between chilled electro and building techno numbers. Blasha & Allatt then marked the crossover with a bang, and increased the volume and BPM over the course of their 90 minute set, which we would happily have seen continue in different circumstances.

The night has satisfied our Answer Code Request needs for now, but we live in hope that at least some of the unreleased material he showcased will surface soon. Hats off to CULT for another great night- we can’t wait for the next one.


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