On the Radar: Waves of the Future – Mannequin Records (100th Release)

mannequin Records Techno

Mannequin Records is gearing up to drop a retrospective compilation with a difference in February. The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall is here with news of the release.

Alessandro Adriani, the tireless founder of Mannequin Records, claims that he is “connecting things all the time”, and it isn’t hard to see this philosophy manifest itself in the oeuvre of the Italo-Deutsche label. The stylish transcendence of genre inherent within Mannequin Records is one that births records that jump between retro Italian synth, coldwave, acid, post-punk and EBM; a veritable feast of incisive electronic music.

Recent accolades and accomplishments – being named Resident Advisor’s “label of the month” for May of this year, starting the ‘Death of the Machines’ 12” series, and being given the ‘green light’ for bi-monthly parties at the Säule room in Berghain – have been earned through Mannequin’s unflagging commitment to sonic diversity.

Mannequin’s newest project and 100th release overall: the Waves of the Future double LP compilation, which itself is not a conventional retrospective collection, collects an array of artists that have yet to release on the label. The producers that appear on the collection – Beau Wanzer (Ecstatic), Willie Burns (WT Records), Silent Servant (Jealous God) and Ron Morelli (L.I.E.S.) – are all scene leaders and label owners in their own right. The decision to give the anniversary release to label debuts is a testament to Adriani’s commitment to showcasing the aesthetic durably of the Mannequin vision.

The compilation has a strong potential for lighting a blaze in the dark corners of the human imagination, and of course for forcing bodies into motion.

The musical output sees ethereal voices chop and stagger on Morelli’s Charges Won’t Stick, whilst slicing drones and tyrannical beats cut through Shawn O’ Sullivan’s Ill Fit. Emotional foundations are laid in the sequencer-powered With You by An-I & Adriani and glassy, pad-laden landscapes are explored in Illum Sphere’s Exhaustion.

Elsewhere, the electronic hijinx of Secret Weapon’s Not Waving compliments the circular electro-funk of Beau Wanzer’s Snake and Shake. When all the disparate parts of Waves of the Future are soldered together, it perfectly illustrates Mannequin’s non-linear philosophy and Adriani’s suggestion that Mannequin listeners directly engage with the music.

Waves of the Future is due out February 16th 2018, with a showcase at Berghain on the same day to celebrate the release.

You can hear a sample of An-i & Alessandro AdrianiWith You here:


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