On the Radar: Terence Fixmer – Dance of the Comets

Techno mainstay, Terence Fixmer, recently hit the newly re-launched NovaMute imprint with his latest EP, Dance of the Comets. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight takes on three intergalactic space-techno tracks.

Terence Fixmer is a tag that most techno followers will attach to high quality production expectations, and with good reason; the French producer and DJ has been channelling the techno sound for in excess of twenty years. This degree of experience has ensured that Fixmer consistently puts out exemplary releases and his latest, Dance of the Comets does nothing to break his tradition of producing stunning compositions.

The EP consists of three tracks which build upon a foundation of hypnotising techno. Oscillating frequencies are interspersed with impeccably programmed percussion on opening track Dance of The Comets. Waspish synths buzz around a cavernous kick, echoing the speed at which a comet traverses the night sky. Before we know it wormholes are opening up all around us thanks to an echoing, modulated synth that teases in from the back of the mix. Around the 3/4 mark the track takes on a frenetic quality which leaves the body of the listener no choice but to jack.

Next up we have the equally mesmerising Orion, which skillfully matches synth drones to create a screeching banshee of a track, a track that whips the listener up into a frenzy with heavily distorted lead lines and bass. Liquid-like samples spurt forth from the track like jets of hot, pressurised magma, hissing past the head of the captive ears of Fixmer‘s audience, before further effects are introduced, giving said samples a more plasmatic quality.

The final track, which completes the trio, is The Silence, which starts out with tonal messages beaming out into the great beyond. These are joined by haunting pads which conjure alien-like images. Is this a cry for help from a long-since abandoned spacecraft, now overrun by broods of unmerciful mantid-like creatures? The signal beacon continues throughout the track as textures float in and out of the mix as the ship spins through the empty vacuum of space, passing through different atmospheres as the track progresses.

Terence Fixmer – Dance of the Comets, is available now via NovaMute. You can buy it, here.


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