Review: Luca De Santa – Requiem EP

Luca De Santo hits Carl Cox’ Intec Records with his ‘Requiem EP’. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Dave Coates takes a listen to two perfectly-produced cuts of peak time techno.

Luca De Santo is a Glaswegian, up and coming producer who has been signed to the mighty Intec Records, the imprint that is infamously the brainchild of Carl Cox. With his current EP, De Santo weighs in with two brilliant tracks; ‘Requiem’ and ‘Reach Me’.

‘Requiem’ is a full-on, deep, melodic techno track with a thunderous kick drum, driving stabs and a constant, sequenced lead. It is a production that assembles its layers in an accomplished manner, with possible allusions to Underworld’s track, ‘Dark and Long’ but with a more instant feel to it.

Overall, ‘Requiem’ is a brilliant peak time track that I can see being picked up and played out by some of the bigger names on the techno scene.

‘Reach Me’ takes us on a slightly darker journey than ‘Requiem’, with a brilliant bassline and an ethereal vocal, teasing and popping in and out every now and again. Some excellent delayed effects give ‘Reach Me’ more of a surreal atmosphere.

The bass is the main focus on ‘Reach Me’, which builds and opens up towards the break and then drop back down, yet still somehow maintaining that intense, driving feel. ‘Reach Me’ is a very well-produced track and has a deep, intense, melodic atmosphere. I can’t wait to hear more of Luca De Santo’s future tracks.

Luca De Santo – ‘Requiem EP’ is available to buy, now, from all good retailers. In the meantime, check out Requiem, below.



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