Review: Various Artists – RV Trax

As R&S celebrates ten years since it relaunched, Renaat Vandepapeliere curates a three-track retrospective EP of some of his favourite tracks to play out. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Dan Crossey takes in a trio of diverse tracks.

Renaat Vandepapeliere is the co-owner of the revolutionary record label R&S Records, that has spanned for over 30 years, releasing music that has inspired generations. After its reopening in 2008 they have grown hugely talented artists such as James Blake and Space Dimension Controller not to mention legendary artists from back in the day such as Aphex Twin and Sun Electric.

Renaat has now begun investing in his own dj sets at the age of 60. We think that he was possibly bursting at the seams with such endless music exposure that he simply couldn’t help himself. RV Trax’ is a new series designed to reflect Rennat‘s favourite music that make the elite choice for his sets, a lot which are unreleased tracks and relatively underground artists. The Waveform Transmitter has its hands on the first EP, which contains a Steve Lugget remix of Bird of Paradise along with original tracks from G-Prod and Hermetics.

Steve Nugget’s dub remix of Alone Again by Bird of Paradise is an industrial and heavy dub infused  track that has a such distorted and deep 909 throughout that it feels as though a volcano is erupting. There is an exploration of tension with spine chilling and pensive synths, alongside plenty of distortion and filter. At five minutes in the track really comes together in a unified beat giving a less chaotic and fist pumping finale.

G-Prod’s D-Light is an ambient journey of elevation and reflection, with string synths conjecturing an image of pure light alongside a gritty baseline. Smooth high-hat shuffles coast through the spacey melodies keeping you hypnotised and immersed in the dream like soundscape. You could see this being a euphoric closure to any set.

Collider is Hermetic’s more sinister and atmospheric addition to the EP. This has a Terrence Fixmer aroma to it, with a heartbeat sounding snare, chilling bells and a continuous buzzing distortion that oozes itself around you in a nightmarish world. Syncopated beats and static frequencies give a murky ‘espionage’ edge to the track.

Various Artists‘RV Trax’ was released on January 19th, via R&S Records. Listen to G-Prod ‘D-Light’, below.


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