Review: ORBE – Lasers World War

ORBE is back, this time hitting the Palinola with an EP chock-full of his signature, dubby techno sound. The Waveform Transmitter’s Dave Coates takes a listen to Lasers World War’.

ORBE ‘Lasers World War’ is the new EP on Eric Cloutier‘s Palinoia Label. The producer hails from Spain (Algeciras, to be exact) and he has a passion for conceptual sounds which eventually brought him to techno, more precisely the futuristic rhythms and hypnotic side of the genre.

ORBE himself has seen numerous releases on labels such as Analog Solution and Be As One, and also runs his label ORBE Records. His tracks have been captained and supported by Shlomi Aber, Maceo Plex, Josh Wink and also Nina Kraviz, to name but a few artists who have picked up on ORBE futuristic, minimal sound.

First up in the EP is ‘Device’s Generation’. The track is a brilliant minimal techno piece with lots of quirky sounds and a deep haunting atmosphere, that builds and bubbles along with a paranoid hypnotic feel. The main focal point is the constant eerie, monotone pad and the sharp siren sounds, with the added, unique pitched up vocal stabs that pops in and out throughout.

‘Upper Stage’ is built around a more minimal, glitchy acid sound, with a dark, driving edge and integrated rhythms. With it’s haunting, swaying, hypnotic pads and a perpetual, unearthly-sounding, filtered vocal that builds into a strange hypnotic groove; perfect for those late in the night moments that works perfectly in a more darker-toned set.

The title track is more of a driving, bleeped-out, hypnotic affair with its tough, retro-futuristic grooves, and percussion that jitters along with weird stabs and bleeps, giving the track a quirky, twisted feel.

‘Cosmic Creed’ is a deeper, funked-out affair, which starts out with a low-filtered, down-discoesque bass that has a slight feel of tracks produced by Moodyman but with a significantly darker, driven edge. Things pick up half way through the track with a change direction when the deep blissed-out pads builds up. These pays homage to the futuristic sound that came out of Detroit and work perfectly alongside the very deep psychedelic melody.

The EP is perfect for those early morning, heads down moments within a darkened club with its hypnotic grooves, futuristic landscapes, psychedelic moments and twisted, computerised sounds – a sure dancefloor winner.

Orbe – ‘Lasers World War’ is available to buy now from all good vinyl stockists. In the meantime, listen to some snippets from the EP, below.


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