Secret Weapons Vol.15 – Jay Shepheard


Following his cavernously deep house release, ‘The Quiet Life EP’, Berlin-based Jay Shepheard detonates sonic booms in the form of his Secret Weapons playlist. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight presents you with ten of Jay’s certified depth charges.

Ten years has seen English-born, Berlin-based producer, Jay Shepheard deliver in terms of his productions. His productions have seen the light of day thanks to collaboration with respect house labels, such as Buzzin’ Fly, and (most regularly) with Compost Records. That is not to forget that Jay also releases via his own Retrofit brand.

‘The Quiet Life EP’ sees Shepheard returning with two brand new tracks, released via Chord Records; a young label based in Berlin, which has previously featured Matthew Burton‘s ‘Vielen Donk’ EP. Matthew also provides a remix on Jay‘s release.

The opening track is ‘The Quiet Life’ , which opens up with some crisp percussion and a sub bass of truly marianaic qualities. These rumble away in the background as the synths work their magic at the front of the mix. The track is given a fidget-led overhaul courtesy of Dudley Strangeways, who injects the track with microhouse’s minimal sensibilities, exposing the skeleton of the production.

‘The Dozers are Coming’ sees Shepheard‘s deft padwork coming to the fore, as percussion skitters backwards and forwards with the trilling of the synth that takes centre stage in the second half of the track. Matthew Burton‘s remix syncopates the percussion, giving the track an uneasy edge – ideal for a darker, post-dubstep influenced set.

The EP was released in January, so you can pick up a copy now. In the meantime, Mr Shepheard is here to press the big red button and fire ten of his most trusted Secret Weapons in your direction. Check them out, below.

EROS 003Track 4

This old Eros re-edit series is great, the B2 on Volume 3 is a version of an old DJH track from ‘93. Been in and out of my bag for years.

Mark HenningStash House

Mark’s work over the past 3 or 4 years has been amazing and I play a lot of his tracks. This one takes the biscuit though. Such a groove.
Phil WeeksYou Can’t Fake
I love to drop this between ‘bigger’ tracks, really nice to take things down a notch. Deep, simple and super effective.
Kerri ChandlerKong
Probably the most stripped-back Chandler track I know. Minimalist perfection.
Red AxesEastern Crown
A more recent one here from a Permanent Vacation comp. Been a staple in all my recent sets. Understated but extremely playable.
Alma NegraEndless Summer
I simply love the feel of this one on Heist from last year, leaning towards the recent afrobeat fashion but not overkill. Great live feel.
Pete HerbertGang Related
Electro house in the best sense. I play a lot of Pete‘s tracks, this is quite a departure from his usual sound. Needs dropping at the right time but if the vibe is right its a killer.
Virgo 4It’s a Crime – Hunee mix
Hunee takes the old classic and gives it a twist. Great quality soulful house, party music.
Mateo & MatosGot A Message
I worked on this album as an office junior for a PR company in my first music industry job many years ago, I still love it. I was my introduction to US house.
Cobblestone JazzTraffic Jam
An old classic from Matthew Johnson‘s live project. A proper jam, always does the job at the peak times.

Huge thanks to Jay Shepheard for sharing some of his sonic secrets with us. You can check out our other Secret Weapons playlists over here. Keep up with The Waveform Transmitter via our Facebook and Twitter profiles, for even more electronic goodness.


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