Review: Electrorites – Archives Vol. 2

The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall takes on four relentless industrial cuts courtesy of Electrorites’ latest EP, ‘Archives Vol. 2’.

The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall takes on four industrial cuts courtesy of Electrorites’ latest EP, ‘Archives Vol. 2’.

After releasing the successful ‘Archives Vol.1’ in 2017, Italian DJ and producer Luca Vollaro, aka Electrorites, is back again with a blistering follow-up – ‘Archives Vol. 2’ – via his own label, Structure Records. The EP is a crushing example of industrial energy which demonstrates an uncompromising musical direction.

‘Archive 004’ is track that summons the raw power of industrial techno. Harsh, blood curdling kick drums smash deep fault lines into the soundscape, thus enabling wild, hysterical bleeps and sirens to entrench a focused and immovable groove into the mind of the listener. The tornado of sound grows with exponential aplomb and does not let up until the song’s cycles of madness have satisfied themselves.

The Ctrls remix of ‘Archive 004’ takes a somewhat subtler approach to the composition by transmogrifying the waling bleeps of the original mix into abstract mechanical sound. The distortion and modulation of the underlying robotic rumblings is to be applauded as it moves from android chatter to melting delays and release, all the the while finely structured percussion roves across the top of the track bestowing rhythm and adrenaline-fuelled stomp.

‘Archive 005’ resumes the unrelenting theme of the EP with a catastrophe-inducing kick and bass combination that resembles the dread and force of a nuclear explosion. As the track progresses, the hi-hat patterns add a machine gun aesthetic to the track which firmly states the attack minded nature of Electrorites vision. This is a composition of relentless, unremitting, and overwhelming electronic music that is sure to frighten and delight in equal measure.

The Endlec remix of ‘Archive 005’ envelops the listener within a viscous world of low end acid. Dripping stabs swell underneath a remorseless kick drum, whilst purposeful streaks of sawtooth bleed in and out of the composition. It is an intelligent and well-executed interpretation of the source material which concludes the EP in a riotous fashion.

Author: Jack Threlfall

A loquacious disciple of electronic music and the written word.

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