News: Jeff Mills × NTS Live Present Outer Limits Vol. 2 – ‘Apollo 18’

(Credit: Jacob Khrist)

Jeff Mills and NTS Live partner up for the second episode of the Outer Limits radio show. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight has the details.

Forever pushing the boundaries of innovation in terms of how his music is heard, Jeff Mills makes a return to NTS Live on March 14th for episode two of his Outer Limits listening experience. Obviously, radio is not the innovation here but, instead, the manner in which Mills seeks to explore the themes of astrophysics and outer space, via several different media; spoken word, abstract sound collage, and new and unreleased music from Jeff himself.

The one-hour show will bring together a number of disciplines in order to explore the relationship between music and the cosmos, bringing together science and experimental music like the cataclysmic meeting of minds you would expect from two such prominent schools of thought.

Expect the unexpected, as Mills seamlessly blends together science fiction narrative, music, and original recordings, exploring such themes as time-travel and unraveling the fabric of space to peer into the great beyond.

The radio show is airing at 2 pm UK time and you can find it here. We suggest checking out episode one, first, which you can stream here.


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