Mix: Waveform 031 – Ike Dusk

Our 31st Waveform mix comes all the way from the blistering heat in Germany, where Ike Dusk endured forty degree temperatures in the studio, putting together his excellent techno mix. Enjoy!

When one thinks of Germany and techno, the immediate assumption is that were talking Berlin, rather than a small town in the North West called Gütersloh. However, one should also not disregard the little nooks and crannies, where music as an art-form can evolve, unfettered by influences from outside sources.

This is what makes Ike Dusk so special. His uncompromising take on the techno sound has been nurtured over a fifteen-year career, which has seen him DJ at a multitude of events, the latter third of which has also been spent behind the studio desk. The fruits of Ike‘s labour represent a maturity and understanding of how techno should sound and feel. Head over to his BandCamp page for evidence of this.

We have been lucky enough to have Ike record us a cracking mix for our Waveform Mix Series. This one is crammed with brilliant tracks that are primed for the dancefloor, so crank your amp up a few notches and get this one on LAUT. You can check out the tracklist at the bottom of the page.

First, though, we had a little natter with Ike to see what makes him tick. Check out what he had to say for himself, below.

Waveform: Hi Ike! Many thanks for having a little chat with us! So, lets get the ‘bread and butter’ out of the way before we hit the nitty-gritty. Please tell our readers a little about yourself.

Ike Dusk: Hi Ste, I live in Gütersloh. Its a 100.000 people city located in Northrhine Westphalia/Germany. Some may know the BMG Headquarters that are based here. I have been a DJ for over 15 years, with several residencies at events and clubs in my area, and started my own productions in 2013.

Waveform: So, you are based in Gütersloh. How do you find that assists with your artistic creativity?

Ike Dusk: I think it’s curse and blessing at the same time. Curse because there is only a very, very limited scene for good electronic music here and nearly no clubs or events to play. On the other hand I can concentrate on developing my own sound without having too many influences around me.

Waveform: You signed up to Joe Farr’s User Experience imprint back in January, for the release of your Interference EP. How was it, working with Joe?

Ike Dusk: It’s an uplifting experience. He’s always up for guidance and assistance when I have technical or general questions. His tips helped me a lot with improving my workflow. I can only recommend to use his mastering services, you wont regret it. And no i wasn’t paid to say that. (laughs)

Anyway it’s very inspiring and I feel privileged to release my music on his imprint as i always admired his work since I first heard his “On Further Inspection EP” on Turbo in 2012. It was one of the key records that restored my hope in good techno music to that time. Sounds super-cheesy but its true.

Waveform: And what do you have in the pipeline for us, for the rest of 2018?

Ike Dusk: My next EP is forthcoming on 20th June, on Mickey Nox’ imprint Green Fetish Records called “Unsavory Behaviour”. You can hear it in my Waveform series contribution. Up next will be the “Coded Structures EP” on German label Codec992 but I currently have no release date set for this one. Another one with no exact release date will be the “Don’t be afraid Remixes” on UX later this year with remixes by Kata Mercado, Altar, Ariön and myself. Currently working on some more remixes too. Also had some nice requests for more future releases. So stay tuned!

Waveform: You have recorded an awesome techno mix for our Waveform series. Can you tell us a bit about the thinking behind the mix?

Ike Dusk: The thinking behind the mix is simple. Energy! I like to create tension with involving several styles of electronic music to my mixes. I selected some tracks i’m really into at the moment and just start to blend them in the way it feels right to me. So this mix kinda represents a live DJ performance when my brain is the only audience. (laughs)

Waveform: In terms of your own sound, which artists do you find you draw most inspiration from?

Ike Dusk: Puuhh that’s a heavy question as I draw inspiration from so many artists from different genres. I think two of my biggest lifetime influences were Underground Resistance & Dave Clarke. They stand for raw and energetic sound and in fact that’s what I want to express with my sound too. But, in the end, you need to free your mind and make music that feels good to you.

Waveform: Are there any ‘dream collaborations’ which you would love to see yourself involved in?

Ike Dusk: Another one that is hard to answer as I think collabs are some kind of experiment and you need the same level of musical taste with someone to get a good workflow but i’m always up for experiments and currently working on some nice projects with a pretty cool artist from UK and it seems to flow nicely. But I can’t tell you more about this at time. 

But speaking of dreams I could imagine to share the studio with Randomer, JoeFarr, Dax J. or Slam for a day or two. I think these would be interesting sessions.

Waveform: Finally, the question artists ALWAYS tell us they can’t answer (perhaps you’ll be a first), what are your top three all-time club tracks?

Ike Dusk: Ha ha yeah true this is an nearly unanswerable question but I will take the practical way. I think only a track that lasts over decades on the dance floor deserves to be named. So there is only one tune that unleashes havoc for over 30 years on every dance floor in the world and that’s “Jeff Mills – The Bells”.

Another one that deserves a mention is “Underworld – Rez”. Everyone drops Born Slippy but Rez is the real deal. I love to close long sets with this one.

So many other great tracks that are worth mentioning but I choose “DJ Rolando – Jaguar” as my number 3 as I deeply love this one.

Waveform: Thanks again, Ike, for talking with us! Best of luck with all your future releases.

Ike Dusk: Thanks for having me!

So, there we have it. Straight from the horse’s mouth. Stay tuned to the Waveform for more exclusive mixes. In the meantime, here is the tracklist for Waveform 031 – Ike Dusk.

  1. Steam – The Bluff (Render)
  2. Delta Funktionen – Hack The Cosmos
  3. Moerbeck – Brain Hack (JoeFarr Remix)
  4. Gareth Wild – The Savagery
  5. JoyB – If It Doesn’t Hurt, I’m Not Interested
  6. Deep Dimension – So 1992
  7. Ike Dusk – Cuz’ He Said So
  8. Shadow Dancer – Breakable (J. Tijn Remix)
  9. Casper Hastings & Another Alias – Currency (Jamie Curnock Remix)
  10. Dj Ze Mig.L – Stop it
  11. Mickey Nox – Unclean
  12. Ike Dusk – Discord
  13. Atze Ton – Base
  14. Dj Ogi – Katedra
  15. JoeFrarr – Furrl
  16. Deapmash – Tension
  17. Code 701 – Nina’s Game
  18. Ike Dusk – Haffa
  19. Jamie Curnock  – Reasoning (Daryl Remix)
  20. Corroid – Damals Und Der Stacheldraht
  21. Öspiel – Murder Industry
  22. Deep Dimension – Cold Rush
  23. Ben Long – Munitions 2
  24. Jamie Curnock – Head Strong

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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