Messyside Mix Miniseries #1 – DJ Bastardcunt

In the lead up to Bangface Weekender 2019, we’ll be celebrating the Messyside takeover with a series of mixes from DJs playing the event. This week, The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight presents a blistering mix of breakcore, hard techno, and schranz, from the one and only Bastardcunt!

For those of you who have been around Liverpool‘s underground scene since the beginning of the 00’s, Bastardcunt is likely to be a familiar name. I can remember seeing the self-confessed gabba anarchist’s name on flyers when I was in my clubbing heyday, playing alongside the likes of DJ Scotch Egg (who you can also catch at the Bangface Weekender as part of the Wrong Music reunion), when Bar Fresa was still a thing.

Since then, his involvement with the alternative electronic scene in Liverpool hasn’t waned. His name has cropped up plenty of times since, playing at C**TFIELDS and various other anti-everything shindigs. What do you expect? We told you he was an anarchist!

2012 saw the producer dropping his album, Utter Gash on an unsuspecting public like a scud missile. If you like your kicks harder than a nailboard to the face then the 13 tracks that make up the long-player will be right up your crack-alley. Take a listen, here. With productions like this, it is no wonder that Bastardcunt‘s mix is not for the faint-hearted, but who wants to listen to beautiful melodies when you can listen to gabba versions of Cheryl Cole tracks anyway, ya bad fart?

Check out the full tracklist, below (we don’t mind letting people know what they’re hearing Developer, you fucking moron), but not before we hear from the man himself about his Bangface experiences…

“Well I’ve only ever been to one Bangface Weekender and that was 10 years ago now, Camber Sands 2009. Gordon Brown was the prime minister and it was all about the deficit at the time, I remember this better cos one of the many treasures I ended up taking home with me was a cdr by The Parliamentalist that a girl was playing out of a boombox and selling for a quid, a bit of which is in the mix. Hellfish‘s set was the big highlight of my weekend, love his sound, overall it was a sick line up and a full range of different things I love. I was made up to get to see DMX Krew and I-F as it was electro and techno that got me into mixing records when I was younger. I remember really enjoying Otto Von Schirach‘s set as well.

Am looking forward to doing my bit to kick-start the proceedings this year then there’s a good few artists am hoping to catch: I’ve never seen The Horrorist, Meow Meow, Parliamentalist, Judith Priest or Ladyscraper before so I’m making sure I catch all of them. Couldn’t do all this if it wasn’t so close as I’ve got a dog these days but I’m gonna also get to Hellfish, Producer and a few of the other more local acts they’ve booked this year such as Skitzaph0nic and Noizy Az Fuck. Other than that it’ll just be whatever I can squeeze in as and when.”

If you fancy listening to what else Bastardcunt has to offer, you can take a listen on his Mixcloud page, here. As promised, see below for the tracklist to his Messyside Mix below.

00:00 : ??? DOMINATION 02 – DrawSide1 addicted?
01:05 : Laibach – War (Ultraviolence Meets Hitman Remix)
03:37 : Art of Fighters Vs. Nico & Tetta – Shotgun (AOF Reloaded)
04:37 : Broken Rules – Drum Freestylin (Part 2)
05:59 : The Horrorist – Haywire (The Panacea remix)
09:59 : Synapse – The Blood
12:54 : Skitzaph0nic Feat NoizyAzFuck – The Crushing Darkness
14:33 : Ill Fat Liza – Superbia
15:58 : the parliamentalist – ??? excerpt from cdr bought for a quid off a girl at bangface weekender 2009
17:17 : The Parliamentalist – Welsh 50 Shades of Grey
19:07 : Otto von Schirach – eye of eight
20:27 : Toecutter – The “Sugar Before Bed Time” Polka
23:25 : Hellfish – Im A Psycho
27:11 : m1dlet – Waking Up From A Rave Party
29:38 : Bastardcunt – Skinz
32:12 : Shitmat – His Dad is A Maltese, His Mom is a Maltipoo
34:47 : DJ Bastardcunt – We Gotta Fight (bootleg – cheryl cole vs axe gabba murda mob)
37:45 : Imil – Can’t Hurry Love
40:00 : Horrible Rate – Meth
42:39 : Meow Meow – Dinosaurus Ribben
44:11 : judith priest – ??? myspace download from when you could download off there
46:28 : Unrest – Shot The Cops
48:47 : Dj Mutante – To The Limit
52:30 : Rivak – Maydayeveryday
54:00 : Mochipet – And Breakcore For All…
55:11 : Action Agenda – Milkshake
57:20 : Xian – Scum Always Shines On T.V.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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