Waveform 046: Kuromaku

Kuromako joins us all the way from the US for the latest contribution to our mix series. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight presents a session that perfectly fuses together electro and breaks for a killer set.

You all know we love a good bit of breaks and electro here at The Waveform Transmitter, so when Chris Baggett hit us up with his storming mix under the Kuromaku banner, we bit his hand off to get it up in our Waveform Mix Series

Chris records and performs under a number of different monikers, Kuromaku just being one of them. The Washington resident has spent the past 25 years playing at parties across the US, so it is about time his sound was heard further afield. He has also sported some serious haircuts in his time, see below for evidence (very reminiscent of the Lion-O I was wearing on my bonce circa ten years ago)

What a breaks DJ looks like in 9th grade…

Baggett is clearly a man who loves electronic music, which is presumably why he uses different aliases to cover respective genres. As mentioned, Kuromaku is the vehicle through which he purveys an electro-breaks sound.

If you are a house and techno aficionado, then his Sinestro pseudonym will satisfy your appetite for the beat, and for a funkier house sound see his collab with Jennr80 as Mirrored Shades. Acid is covered by his Darik Wyldstar nomenclature. Pretty much, then, he covers the full gamut.

Listen to the rest of our Waveform Mix Series, here!

Taking a look at Chris‘ back catalog, there is plenty to get your ears around. He has released 22 records, four of which have been committed to the much venerated black wax, so we’re not just talking digital releases here, Baggett is more than happy to get physical too.

With EPs and singles seeing the light of day via Woody McBride‘s Communique imprint and the Hard to Swallow label which was founded by Frankie Bones‘ proof, if you needed any, that Baggett is a well respected producer and DJ. His most recent release under the Kuromaku brand can be found here, having been released back in 2017 by Faction Digital Recordings.

Aside from his Kuromaku material, Chris has teamed up with Noize Ninjaz to deliver a booty-shakin’ DJ tool, which you can listen to below. When we asked him about forthcoming releases, he said “I have more tunes coming out on Chicago Jaxxx (as Sinestro) and am in the works on an EP with Further Electronix (Anil Lal‘s label)”

Kuromaku‘s contribution to our Waveform Mix Series is the perfect showcase for the Phreak events that Chris plays a part in. Speaking of the events series, which is based in Fredericksburg near Washington, he had this to say:

Phreak sets out to teach the 18-25 year old set what Electro and Techno truly sounds like in the correct, PHREAKY ASS enviroment. We have found a perfect space (A surrealist art studio) that is intimate with lots of Bass and the freedom to get PHREAKY. Phreak is a night designed for the PHREAKS, by the PHREAKS. A dance floor space curated to be a PHREAK and to PHREAK out on, to the most cutting edge, futuristic dance music from all over the world. Experience the most advanced lighting and sound system in an environment curated specifically to take you on a wild, PHREAKY Journey.”

There is no track list for this week’s mix. Breaks fans…get your thinking caps on and lets see how many of these killer tracks you can name. For now, enjoy the next hour-and-13-minutes, as Kuromaku delivers a stomping breaks set that sits on the darker edge of the sound.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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