Waveform 052: Fear-E

This week, we are joined by Dixon Avenue Basement Jams’ favourite, Fear-E, who weighs in with a heady mix that spans a glut of genres. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight presents a mix that is packed with exclusive, unreleased tackle.

There is absolutely no denying that Scotland is on form when it comes to providing the rest of the world with top-notch electronic musicians. One such individual is Scott McKay, who goes by the name of Fear-E. Fans of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams will know the moniker well, as he has been releasing his music via the label since 2016, when he appeared alongside Denis Sulta and CT Trax on the label’s VA release, DABJ Allstars Vol. 2 with Candi’s Quadra – a track that sampled Candi Staton‘s I Know to great effect.

This was swiftly followed by Fear-E‘s debut solo EP on the label – Santini’s Ghost – which featured four tracks that set the stall for what was to come from the producer. The release boasted gritty house bangers aplenty, all of which drew on the tropes present in Chicago and Detroit’s two infamous genres, gifting dancefloors with the kind of wares that induce audience eruptions of such magnitude that any enclosing walls are almost certain to be compromised.

Fast forward to 2019, and Scott follows up his scintillating 2017 release, Tracks from the Posh End, with his most recent release; Posh End Sponk Tracks Vol.1. The EP was the kind that made this writer’s visage behave like an easter egg that had been casually tossed into a blast furnace. Not a visit from friends would go by without my best pig-face being pulled while I growled the words “fuckkkking get onto this” through clenched teeth. Absolute audial devastation and make no mistake.

We have been lucky enough to receive a mix from the man himself and, according to Fear-E, it is rammed with unreleased tracks from his peers. Before we take a listen to what manna he has bestowed upon us, Ste Knight took a few moments to find out what makes Scott tick…(tracklist at the bottom of the page).

Waveform: Hi Scott. Thank you for joining us for a wee chat! Lets start at the beginning – is there any meaning behind the name Fear-E?

Fear-E: Cheers for having me on! The name is pretty simple – I went through different variations of DJ names using Theory. I started off as DJ Theory about 20 odd years ago which never really had any meaning, just picked it as I was a big fan of Ben SimsTheory Records at the time. I then moved onto Mr Theory, then Scott Theory. When I finally started producing I didn’t want to stray too far away from my DJ name, so Fear-E was very simple to get to.

Waveform: You have been releasing your tracks on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams since 2016. That must be a pretty cool family to be a part of!

Fear-E: Aye, I’ve been friends with Kenny and Dan for quite a few years now. I’ve played at various nights they’ve been involved in and watched both of them do the label thing with labels called MNX Recordings (derived from the legendary Monox nights that both were involved in) and Pest Control in the past, before they joined up to start DABJ.

It’s been amazing to see their rise and also the rise of the other Glasgow boys Big Miz and Denis Sulta. Also, to be included alongside the likes of Marquis Hawkes, Posthuman, DJ Haus, Mark Forshaw (Casio Royale), Neil Landstrumm, Jared Wilson etc etc is pretty humbling haha.

Waveform: You’re based up in Glasgow, which has a very vibrant house and techno scene. Where do you, personally, feel that the clubbing landscape in your city heading?

Fear-E: Glasgow is so spoiled on a weekly basis, it’s actually scary. I take my hat off to anyone putting on nights as there’s just so much happening. The only thing we’re missing is the extended licensing hours, but that is but a pipe dream!

Waveform: Can you tell us who your top 3 favourite Scottish electronic musicians are?

Fear-E: Neil Landstrumm, Dave Clarke (Sparky, Truffle Club etc), and Scott Brown.

Waveform: You recently released your fantastic EP, Posh End Sponk Trax Vol. 1 and it is brimming with face melters. Do you feel that this EP represented a slight departure from your ‘usual sound’?

Fear-E: Ehhh not so much. If you compare it to the last EP – Tracks From The Posh End – it probably does seem like it, but I kind of make house and fairly banging techno in equal measures. Pretty much everything I do, I try to make it have a dance floor edge to it. I can’t ever see myself making any big ambient numbers anytime soon haha.

Waveform: Is there a Posh End Sponk Trax Vol. 2 in the making? Will it be equally as blistering?!

Fear-E: Yes, the second instalment is going to be my next DABJ EP. Not sure when it will be released but shouldn’t be that far away. This one’s a bit more Chicago influenced. Not as banging, but banging enough 🙂

Waveform: You have recorded us a killer Waveform Mix. How did you come up with the track-list for this little doozy?

Fear-E: I basically did my musical Oliver Twist routine and asked/begged for new music from producers I’m friends with or acquaintances of. I got sent so much and thought I’d try and include as much of it as I could. Was impossible to fit tracks from everyone in (apologies to everyone I didn’t manage to fit in!).

I basically just then pressed record and did the mix off the cuff, with a mixture of the new stuff and some old! Something I’ve not done for quite a few years.

Waveform: What are your three ‘go-to’ tracks for energising a dancefloor?

Fear-E: Dax JOffending Public Morality (never fails to boot off), Bloody Mary vs Milton BradleyTales From Outer Space (Acid belter that always gets folk going mental), and StrangerWarehouse Memoires (UK Rave Mix) (Old-skool sounding breakbeat track with a massive bassline).

Waveform: Speaking of dancefloors, which ones will you be energising in the near future?

Fear-E: Coming up pretty soon I’ve got a charity night for ex – footballer Fernando Ricksen – who suffers from motor neurone disease – in Club 69, Paisley, 9th August, where I’m playing b2b with The Wasp from DABJ. The night after I’m playing for Local Time in Aberdeen b2b all night long with IDA.

Waveform: Thanks for talking with us, Scott, and best of luck with your future releases!

Fear-E: Cheers!

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Posh End Sponk Trax Vol.2, if you know what’s good for you. In the meantime, jam this mix into your head, and get your eyes on that tracklist, below!

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1 K-HandKeep On Walkin
2 Robert ArmaniGive You All My Love (Original Mix)
3 Tick TraxMono Track (2018 Remaster)
4 Joey BeltramDance Generator
5 Dance SystemWind ‘Em Up
6 Oli FurnessThe Frantic Music of the Common Field Mouse
7 Mark ForshawMAYDAY ACID
8 CardopusherMuscle Memory
9 Lauren Flax(You Have To) Work
10 DJ YarozeShira
11 Drew SkyPuszee (Original Mix)
12 Paul JohnsonEnhanced (Original Mix)
14 The Sixteen StepsSignals From The South
15 DAIYEFur Burgler
16 Fear-EAcid Conversion 5
17 David CarrettaVicious Game 2018 (Mark Broom V2 Remix)
18 LensonTime Merchant
19 MinosBreadknife
20 Carlton Doom‘Ard
21 Bloody Mary and Milton BradleyTales From Space (Original Mix)
22 Ewan McVicarTake It In Halves
23 Posthuman707 Heaven
24 InnenweltNucleus
26 BruceWhat

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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